Sunday, February 21, 2010


By Becki Zanardi
We took the boys (horses) to the trainer's last Tuesday. Hate to do that, but it's been such a rough winter and I want my kiddos safe when we have the chance to saddle up -- when spring decides to come. It was a trip with a few hurdles (stuck at end of driveway/on road 2 minutes into trip, lost cell phone while hooking up chains to tractor 5 minutes into trip, discovered cell phone was lost 1/8th mile down road, found cell phone almost immediately - Yeah, God!, flat tire on trailer at arrival in Iowa, horribly patchy iced roads w/lots of vehicles in ditch). Regan was very sad to see them go; Max was her "therapy" after Brent died. But she knows horse college is just what they need.
Sorry to vent regarding lambing. With 23 births, I only have 15 live lambs. Two more ewes to go, and they're first-timers. I'm hopeful! Just really bizarre things happening. Rough winter has caused some weakness in ewes AND lambs, premature births, and stillborns. I'm not doing this next year. We've done this enough that my kiddos can show the 3 or 4 lambs each we purchase for them each year and then we'll sell them. They've been through the gamut: witnessed births, witnessed deaths and dead lambs taken out of barn, pulled lambs, tagged, banded, vaccinated, sorted, sheared, etc. I'm going to focus on the other stuff going: my family, salsa, youth group. 4-H, Spanish, horses. It's been tiring, and the ones who get the shaft are the ones living in the house. This shepherdess is throwing in the towel. :)
The horses are awesome! Darren wants some big boys (yard art?) out here when the sheep go.? I know he enjoyed the pics as much as the kiddos did! :)
Thanks for letting me vent!!
Lady veterinarian exposes Humane Society!
Oh, and you'd totally appreciate my friend, June Loseke. She was awarded Outstanding Woman in Agriculture at our annual Rural Recognition Banquet. She's an awesome, inspiring person who loves and serves the Lord and is a phenomenal mom, veterinarian, spouse, etc. When she received her award she first gave the glory to God, recognized her husband and family, then thanked her clients. After going through a few other things, she then took a side bar to warn of the dangers of the National Humane Society to our ag-businesses and ag-economy. She quoted a former President saying the health of our economy depends on the health of agriculture and warned of the NHS's vegan agenda. She said when the Christmas storms were blowing in, there wasn't a producer around who was sitting by the fire as his/her children played with new Christmas toys. They all worked around the clock making sure their livestock was taken care of.
It was great!
Just another example of a get 'er done gal!
XO Becki
This personal note to Roni Bell, is shared with permission, un-edited.